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Natural cell structures for the optimisation of digestion and reduction of water in the droppings.

Horses, with their very sensitive digestive system, react, from time to time, to the smallest of changes or disharmonies with water in the droppings or even diarrhoea. IntestineFit is a raw fibre concentrate with insoluble fibre components, based on lignocelluloses. These fibres build a network in the digestive system which loosens the contents of the stomach. This makes it considerably easier for the digestive enzymes and micro-organisms to penetrate the feed and perform the essential activities needed to ensure a stable digestive process. IntestineFit stabilises the pH levels in the gastro-intestinal tract, helps to prevent false fermentation, and supports, especially in the large intestine, the physiological water re-adsorption. The consistency of the droppings is markedly improved, the level of water therein reduced and it supports the wellbeing of your horse in a truly natural way.


20 g per 100 kg bodyweight and day

veranderingen voorbehouden
Lignocellulose 70,00 %
Fruitschalen/vruchtvlees gedroogd 15,00 %
Traubenkernmehl 8,00 %
Wortelsschalen/vruchtvlees 5,00 %
biergist gedroogd 1,2 %
Biergist 0,8 %
Ruw eiwit 3,00 %
Ruw vet 1,40 %
Ruwe celstof 52,00 %
Ruwe as 1,50 %