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Dear Horse Friends!

For more than 35 years we have produced top quality horse feeds. From the founding of our company in 1972 until the present day we have been dedicated only in the production the highest quality feed for horses. High quality and service, as well as the trust of our customers have made us into one of the most successful horse feed producers. At those are our responsibilities – every day.

We continually develop our products in collaboration with top specialists in equine nutrition. Our employees are continuously receiving advanced training and can therefore give you competent and reliable advice and information.

Important for our customer care are individual, free consultations. Before we make a recommendation on feeding, we closely examine the animal in question. How is it kept? How often and how intensively is it worked? How old is it? Are there any special characteristics or situations which need to be taken into consideration?

Our aim is a happy and healthy horse! To reach this we not only rely on the highest quality in raw ingredients, but also work under the highest control and certification system, the GMP+. This means quality control and documentation of all production processes, from raw ingredient to the finished product. The GMP+ seal on our horse feeds ensures you the highest of quality controls.

I wish you and your horses great pleasure with our Delivery Programme 2009. And don’t forget, if you have any questions please contact us.

Your Heinrich Eggersmann & Team